In a press release aimed at consumer cycle mags, Silverfish is making public the availability of the new Race Face products, some of which were seen earlier this year at the National Cycle & Leisure Show

Silverfish brings new Race Face kit into stock

"Just in time for the peak riding season, Race Face introduces a series of new products that’ll get your heart pumping, your leg muscles twitching and your mouth salivating like one of Pavlov’s dogs," said Silverfish’s Darren Mabbott.

Diabolus Bar

This is an oversized (31.8mm, ie ThirtyOneEight standard) handlebar designed specifically for the hardcore freeride/DH market.

"With a 25% increase in impact strength and twice the stiffness of our current Riser Bar, the Diabolus Bar is the strongest, stiffest bar we’ve ever abused in our test lab," said Mabbott.

"The subtle flame graphics are just the icing on the cake."

Diabolus ThirtyOneEight Stem

"The strongest stem in the industry just got stronger. We’ve taken BIKE magazine’s Editor’s Choice award winning Diabolus stem and made it compatible with oversized handlebars. When combined with our Diabolus bar, the result is the stiffest, strongest stem/bar combo we’ve ever tested."

Diabolus Post

Mabbott said the Diabolus seatpost is "the industry’s only true freeride/DH post, designed to take the abuse dished out by today’s top riders."

The seatpost head features a rear twin bolt clamp to better withstand high impact loads and it has a large range of tilt and fore/aft micro-adjustability. It features a straight wall tube, manufactured from the same high-strength alloy used in Race Face’s North Shore DH cranks.

"The subtle flame graphics are an added touch which probably won’t improve your performance but will definitely get you noticed on the trail," said Mabbott.

Next Lowriser Bar

Race Face re-enters the carbon bar market with the Next Lowriser and Next Flat handlebars.

"Manufactured using the proven Next Carbon Technology that created our Next LP crankset, our carbon handlebars equal the industry’s leading composite bars and exceed most for strength," claimed Mabbott.

Race Face is said to perform daily destructive testing on each production run to ensure each bar meets the exacting standards.

"That’s why we’ve backed them with a lifetime warranty," said Mabbott.

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