The Gluskin Townley Report - a joint effort by US-based industry analysts Elliot Gluskin and Jay Townley - will be emailed free to those who sign up quickly. It will later be sold at an annual sub of $199.

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"Wouldn’t it be nice to have a single source for all the current research relevant to the cycling business?" asks a mailer from industry research stalwart Jay Townley. has previously carried Townley’s monthly National Bicycle Dealers’ Association market reports as PDF downloads (see links, below) and the new report is likely to be a similar smorgasbord of useful, bike-trade specific info, albeit bi-monthly.

In addition to analysing current industry research, the Gluskin Townley Report promises to tackle larger trends — economics, consumer habits, environmental changes and more — and spells out what each could mean for the industry in the near future.

“Anyone can get little bits and pieces of public domain data. But each little piece paints a very limited picture, and oftentimes conflicts with another little piece. There is no context, which is exactly what we deliver,” said Gluskin.

In the section ‘Professor Research, Professor Marketing,’ Gluskin and Townley explore facets of the media — how it works, the strengths of each media type, and time schedules — and deliver pointers on advertising, marketing plans and more.

The Gluskin Townley Report will be US-centric but, as with the NBDA reports before, this new bulletin will have info of global relevance.

The eport is free to those who subscribe now. Email with “Newsletter” and the preferred format of “HTML” or “text” in the subject line.

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