This is thanks to the existing distribution agreement with Silverfish, and new ones with Orange and Madison

Shred magazine will go to every IBD in the UK

Shred is the free-to-IBDs enthusiast MTB magazine tha aims to stimulate the grassroots of MTBing. IBDs can either sell the mags, or give them away to favoured customers.

The Madision deal, in particular, means that Shred will now have a wider reach than ever before. All IBDs will be getting a drop of Shred magazines in January.

The magazine is paid for through advertising and started out as very much a local ‘zine for Plymouth and surrounds. Shred has a policy of no mail order adverts.

Shred’s founder and editor/publisher warmly welcomed the logistical support of Madison, Orange and Silverfish:

"It proves that there are companies out there that see a solid future for mountain biking in the UK that is not just based on selling as many units as possible."

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