The device rings differently for cars, pedestrians and friends, keep the users bike safe with an anti-theft alarm

Shoka launches Shoka Bell

Shoka has announced the launch of Shoka Bell, a smart cycling bell for modern cyclists.

Shoka Bell combines a navigation system, front light, security alarm and bell into a single unit that can be mounted on a handlebar. Users can connect the bell to a smartphone via Bluetooth and enter a destination, Shoka Bell will guide the user to their destination with clear turn by turn directions.

Shoka Bell features eight sounds, controlled by the intuitive joystick, for every bike ride. Honk for a car, a ding for pedestrians, or a user recorded message. There is an automatic volume control that adjusts the ringtone volume to the surrounding noise so the user can always be heard. Through the app custom ringtones can be created and more sounds are available to download for free.

Every time a Shoka Bell is rung, it’s shared with the Shoka community and collectively users will warn other cyclists of dangerous junctions and difficult routes. Shoka Bell will alert the user to upcoming problem areas with an easily visible series of 72 LED lights on the top of the device. 

Shoka Bell will alert the user if their bike is moved. The clamp that is permanently attached to your bars acts as a motion sensor, if any movement is felt the Shoka Bell will ring and light up to alert the user wirelessly up to 250m away.

Shoka Bell is also a front light. Designed specifically for the city, the 8 front facing LEDs are bright enough to get you noticed whilst not being blinding for other cyclists or drivers. The light is adaptive to the time of day and flashes faster at night, and is brighter in the day to ensure you see the lights even in the sunlight.

Daniel Falus, CEO and founder of Shoka commented: “Cycling is a fantastic way to get around, it’s eco-friendly, cheap and healthy too, but it hasn’t really changed in a hundred years. With Shoka Bell we’re taking cycling into the future, every cyclist should be able to navigate safely and by building a community that shares its knowledge Shoka Bell can create the best routes for everyone. We are excited to bring this to the Kickstarter community and can’t wait to get Shoka Bar onto everyone’s handlebars.”

Shoka Bell is available in six colours blue, yellow, green, black, red and purple and features a metallic construction. It’s fully weather-proof and lasts for up to a week on a full charge. Shoka Bell will be shipping to backers in Spring 2017.

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