SRAM will be miffed: the EU is NOT going to attach punitive duties to Shimano's internal hub gears

Shimano’s hub gears escape duties

Here’s the full text of today’s Shimano press release:


The European Commission has decided not to impose provisional anti-dumping duties on Shimano’s internal hub gears. This is a highly unusual step, which reflects strong doubts among EU countries about the justification of duties.

Shimano welcomes this decision. Sato YUASA, Managing Director of Shimano Europe, said: "Shimano supports consumer choice, free competition and fair trade, and is encouraged by the Commission decision not to impose duties at this stage. We have argued consistently that our pricing policy has caused no damage whatsoever to our competitors."

The Commission, which runs the EU’s foreign trade policy, has chosen instead to continue its investigation into Shimano’s internal hub gear sales up till the end of October, the date by which a decision for or against "definitive" anti-dumping duties must be taken.

EU countries are worried about the impact that duties could have on prices, jobs and competition in the European bicycle industry. Shimano understands that most EU countries opposed anti-dumping duties, or advised the Commission to continue the investigation without imposing a 15% provisional duty on Shimano.

Mr YUASA continued:

"Shimano respects the Commission’s role in managing the EU’s trade policy, and will continue to cooperate constructively with the investigators, as we have done from the outset."

"But we will remain vigilant. Anti-dumping duties would drive Shimano out of the market, leaving just one dominant producer. This would severely worsen the shortages and long delivery times already facing European bicycle producers. In addition, duties would stunt innovation and hit consumers with higher prices."

"EU bicycle manufacturers fear duties to accelerate the shift of bicycle production out of the EU. Retailers and wholesalers have already warned that they will be forced to look beyond Europe for alternative bike manufacturers, hitting jobs hard among European producers."

Most of Europe’s independent bicycle manufacturers, retailers and cycling associations have asked EU member states and the Commission not to impose duties.

Bicycles with internal hub gears are a growing segment in Europe. They are vital to the promotion of city bikes used by commuters to fight congestion, as well as of recreational bikes. A competitive market for hub gears persuades more people to cycle, promotes "greener" urban transport policies and boosts the European bicycle industry at a time when the boom in mountain bikes is past its peak.

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