Shimano to offer race support at Giro d’Italia

Shimano Italy and RCS Sport have announced a three-year partnership for neutral support at a host of World Tour races, including the Giro d’Italia.

Shimano Italy’s neutral support provision exists to ensure riders can continue to successfully complete their event in the face of mechanical issues. Much like Shimano’s neutral support provision in Spain and the Benelux countries, mechanics in cars or on motorbikes will provide support on the road, whilst mechanics at neutral support zones at selected points along the route will provide help and assistance to riders.

From 2018, Shimano Italy will provide neutral support at the Giro d’Italia, starting in Israel on May 4th, 2018 and finishing three weeks later on May 27th.

Managing director of Shimano Italy Eduardo Roldan said: "Our goal for neutral service is to be a valuable event partner, bringing real added-value to all racers. We want to ensure everyone can race as safely as possible so we are committed to making sure riders receive support to get their bikes operating as safely and as efficiently as possible. To achieve this we invite all riders and racers to call in at our event workshops or mobile support teams to ask for support."

General manager at RCS Sport Paolo Bellino added: "We are very pleased to have signed terms with Shimano, bringing the return of an historic partner. Their experience and professionalism, acquired through supporting many hundreds of bike races, means that they know exactly what’s needed to keep the race on track and the excitement levels high, ensuring racers can continue safely and fans can enjoy the wonderful spectacle that RCS Sport events provide."

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