Team Shimano-Van Keulen-Imabo Van Buren - rolls off the tongue, doesn't it? - is made up of Dutch and Japanese riders. The team will be equipped with Colnago frames.

Shimano take lead sponsorship role in pro road team

"For the first time in history, Shimano will be the main sponsor of a professional road racing team," said Harald Troost, Shimano Europa’s PR manager.

"One of Shimano’s main goals for the next few years is to support the Japanese road cycling environment. Sponsorship of this new continental pro team offers excellent opportunities to a number of Japanese riders to experience professional road cycling by themselves and take Japanese cycling to a higher level. One of the major long term goals concerns a good result at the Olympic Games in Bejing, 2008."

The manager is Dutchman Arend Scheppink.

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