Shimano Menat to launch January 2014

Shimano sets up in Turkey

Shimano Europe is to set up a new company to represent Shimano in Turkey.

Shimano Menat will be based in Istanbul and responsible for the handling of logistics and administration, including bike and fishing product.

Shimano is no stranger to the territory, having worked with two Turkish partners for some time – for bikes, Shimano Menat partners with Metin Cengiz, owner of official Shimano bike distributor Ebsat Ltd STI. For fishing the firm partners with Gökhan Yurdusev, current owner of Okyanus Marine Ltd.

Statutory director of Shimano Menat Frank Peiffer said: "With the establishment of Shimano Menat we are able to supply our bike and fishing products & services to the growing markets in Turkey for both bike and fishing product categories. We are very pleased that we are able to join forces with these experienced companies. Both are specialists in their business-field and are able to deliver the high service level that Shimano is known for.”

Meting Cengiz, Ebsat MD, added: “Over the last years we did our best to build the brand awareness and brand loyalty for Shimano, and we are definitively enjoying and being proud on the fact that even little kids asking for Shimano parts when buying a bicycle. Seeing now that Shimano is joining forces with us for further development of the market, it is confirming our direction and encourages our believe in growing cycling even more in Turkey.”

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