The Japanase market leader is famous for keeping next years kit firmly under wraps but a Czech website has been leaked some pix and is broadcasting them to the world

Shimano 2001 kit leaked to the web

As reported on and, websurfer Joe Higgins stumbled across the Czech website by accident.

Its at

Next years ‘Big S’ line-up looks set to filter a huge amount of top end technology down to the more affordable groupset ranks, surmises, listing the main leaks:

Splined BB and cranks down to LX level.

New Deore Disc Brake levers with integral master cylinder and reach adjustable. Just like XT!

XTR gets Hollowtech cranks. If you want 5 arm cranks you will be limited to non-compact XTR 5 arm only.

Wheels. – Yup Wheels! Shimano will have stupidly light straight pull race wheels with 16 bladed spokes layed out in pairs. Disk compatible too. Weights are 990g rear and 810g front for disk brake wheels! Two sets, one high end XTR with a Ti freehub and a lower spec LX wheelset.

XTR/XT Cranks can be removed from Bottom bracket with 8mm hexagon wrench. No special tool needed.

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