Malcolm McLaren, the former Sex Pistols manager and candidate for London mayor, wants to give every Londoner a free bike!

Sex on wheels

A free bicycle for every household, huge subsidies for public transport and

a ban on cars on Sundays were just some of the policies put forward today by

London mayor candidate Malcolm McLaren, reports the Press Assocation.

The maverick former Sex Pistols manager said it was time to start "flying

the flag for independence in London" and ensure the city was run by Londoners

not the "provincial elite" of Tony Blair’s Government.

He was speaking in London’s West End after recording an address to go out on

the Internet this afternoon as part of his drive to create a "web site


Quizzed on his transport policy, he said: "If I can lure people out of cars

to make it feel more sexy on a carless day like a Sunday, to ride a bicycle,

then I can connect Londoners to the landscape.

"Londoners deserve a gift."

That was why he would give each London household a bicycle.

Maclaren’s formal campaign launch is scheduled for March but the address can be

found at

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