'09 completes from Hoffman, Subrosa and Kink hold price for the remainder of calendar year

Seventies says ‘no’ to complete bike price increases

Seventies has contacted BikeBiz with the announcement that it will go against the grain this season, freezing all of its complete bike prices for the remainder of the calendar year.

MD Stuart Dawkins had this to say:

"BMX has been taking some big hits recently with raw material increases, the 25 per cent devaluation of the sterling against the dollar and the delays in Taiwan.

"The sterling devaluation has meant most of our competitors have increased their prices. We will also be doing this on some parts, but not until mid-November and NOT ON BIKES. We will also guarantee fair and clear high margins. Some competitors are mixing up discounts and margins and the dealers are the ones losing out with much lower margins. Others appear to have increased prices EVEN if dealers have pre-bought bikes. This seems very unfair on the shops and their end customers who may have already put down deposits on christmas presents.

"Either the dealer has to make less margin or pass the increase on to their customer. This does not create much faith for future relationships between the customer and shop. As a result, we’re keeping all our 2009 complete bikes from Hoffman, Subrosa and Kink at the same prices for the remainder of the calendar year. It’s unfair on dealers who have already pre-ordered to increase the price. We sold out on our first Hoffman shipment, and our first two Kink shipments. However we have more Kink, more Hoffman and our first drop of Subrosa bikes coming in, during December.
If you wish to order your BMX from us then please call our sales team on 0845 310 3670."

Stuart Dawkins
Managing director

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