The latest generation of Look In saddles combine three comfort features

Selle Royal to bring Look In saddles back

Selle Royal are set to bring the Look In range of saddles back to market. The latest editions in the range will combine three innovative features to provide the rider with maximum comfort.

Cool Cover technology can maintain the surface temperature of a saddle at a comfortable 25° c or lower, whereas a typical black saddle can warm to 60° c plus, when exposed to sunlight for a short time.

The second innovation comes in the form of Selle’s own RoyalGel. Scientific tests prove that royalgel reduces pressure on the prostate / pubis, and sit bone areas by up to 80 per cent.

And finally, the saddles will feature RVL technology (Royal Vacuum Light).
This enables the saddle to be manufactured with a lighter polyurethane foam guaranteeing the following benefits to the saddle:
The overall weight of the saddle is up to 20 per cent less.
The finished product is 100 per cent sealed and will not absorb water or moisture.
And, greater comfort is provided as the saddle is softer, but still firm enough to support the rider’s weight.

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