Bicyclesforsale is latest online venture to tackle the pre-used bike market.

Secondhand bike sales market gets another third-party agent

Bikesoup, Goinggoingbike, and the bike sections of eBay and, are now joined by

The website was created because of "the lack of opportunities for the everyday rider that want to purchase bicycle equipment, either second hand or directly from a local bike shop and also the lack of online opportunities for the smaller local businesses that struggle to get themselves heard amongst large corporate bicycle shops," said co-creators Mark Fox and Matt Champkin.

Chamkin said: “The main aim for the site is to help the small businesses, people like us that maybe do not have the funds to compete with the larger chains and huge marketing budgets. We offer local businesses the opportunity to be put on a level playing field, to be seen and heard by bike enthusiasts that would not usually come across them when searching online. 

"We have worked hard over the last year ensuring that Bicyclesforsale ranks top of all search engines for relevant keywords. In our first week of going live we attracted just under 5,000 visitors."

Bike shops sign up for the service, said Champkin, and add a description, contact information and logo. Retailers then have their own listings page. They can list an unlimited amount of bikes, each bike gets a description and up to 10 images and includes the company profile so that retailers can then be contacted by phone or by email. This package costs £25 a month.

Private sellers can list one bike with one image for a 30 day period at no cost.

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