The Scottish Cyclists' Union has a new name, a new logo and a new operations director. The new name drops the 'Union', just as the British Cycling Federation dropped the 'Federation'. New operations director, Toni Whight, is a triathlete and joins Scottish Cycling in "interesting times..."

SCU does a British Cycling, drops the Union

Scottish Cycling’s new corporate look is officially launched today.

The new operations director – who did not take any part in the rebranding – believes the design and name changes are indicitive of "new beginnings."

The governing body for cycle sport in Scotland has been riven with internal wranglings.

And externally, the new operations director will no doubt be challenged with the ongoing debate concerning a planned £3m velodrome for Edinburgh. The city council is behind the scheme – popular now that Scottish rider Chris Hoy won a Gold medal in the Olympics – but the council has announced such plans in the past, and nothing came of them.

The planned velodrome would be sited in a rough part of Edinburgh, replacing an existing sports and community centre. Local councillors are opposed to the centre’s closure for something as "minority" as a velodrome.

Whight is 38 years old and for the past 10 years has been head of leisure services with a local authority Dorset.

She has represented Great Britain five times at the World Triathlon Championships as an age-groupe. This year she placed tenth at the World long distance Triathlon Championships in Sweden.

"I have come to Scottish cycling at what I believe to be a very exciting time, a time when the organisation is rapidly evolving into something much bigger and better," said Whight.

"My new job is to take the organisation forward and develop systems and processes that will make Scottish Cycling a cutting edge governing body.

"My first main task is to prepare a business plan that will cover everything the organisation is trying to achieve in the next four years; more specifically looking at improving services to members and volunteers, encouraging participation in our sport and developing excellence.

"I am sure that the recent success of the British team, and the Scottish members in particular, at the Olympic Games will lift the profile of cycle-sport and make my job a lot easier.

"Let’s face it, what more could a girl ask for; in the second week of my employment with Scottish Cycling, a Scotsman wins Olympic gold in a cycle-sport discipline, and £3 million is secured to develop an indoor velodrome right here in Edinburgh."

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