Russell Merry of Hot Wheels wants PM to shelve the 14 percent bike duty

Scrap bonkers bike duty, says Hot Wheels boss

Merry’s petition says:

"Almost all bicycles sold in the UK are manufactured in the Far East. UK manufacturing on any large scale ended some time ago. Bicycles are subject to an import duty of 14% which, when compared to consumer electronics rates of near zero, is bonkers.

"We have childhood obesity issues, congestion, global warming and an aging population that needs exercise – the bicycle has a role to play in the resolution of all these issues.

"It seems crazy that the tax regime encourages a kid to sit in front of a bicycle extreme sports computer game rather than go out and ride his bike. My petition is to raise awareness of this anomaly and to encourage politicians at the highest level to start the necessary trade talks to abolish duty on a product that improves the health of the nation, helps lower emissions and is an all round benefit to society."

The petition is here.

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