According to a press release from the CTC, plans are afoot to form a Cross-Party Cycling Group for Scotland when the new session starts at Holyrood in September. Such a group would seek to promote cycling as a benefit to health and as a means to reduce traffic congestion and pollution

Scottish MPs to form bike clan

Bristow Muldoon MSP is amongst several parliamentarians to have expressed support for the idea. Mr Muldoon, Labour MSP for Livingston and secretary of the Cross-Party Group on Strategic Rail Services for Scotland, wants to make MSP colleagues more aware of the health, leisure and transport benefits of cycling.

Cycle campaigners will also urge MSPs to back calls for rail operators to provide sufficient space for bikes in franchise bids. The Strategic Rail Authority is currently assessing submissions for the east coast line south from Aberdeen and Inverness to London via Edinburgh and York and has

the power to require bidders to provide adequate cycle space.

The idea of a Cross-Party Group was conceived by Brian Curtis, CTC National Councillor for Scotland. He quizzed all 129 MSPs on their views

on cycling and 30 returned his questionnaire.

The move follows the successful formation of the All-Party Group for Cycling in the Welsh Assembly in April. The Welsh groups priorities are

cyclists safety, the promotion of cycling and the development of sustainable forms of transport.

Amongst MSPs keen to promote cycling are Robert Brown, (Liberal Democrat, Glasgow), Irene McGugan (SNP, North East Scotland), Kenneth Macintosh (Lab, Eastwood, Robin Harper (Green, Lothians) and Lord James Douglas-Hamilton (Con, Lothians).

Mr Muldoon said: I used to cycle regularly but got out of the habit. Now I ride several times a week primarily to improve my health. We can also reduce congestion by promoting cycling. But we must encourage local authorities and employers to provide secure parking and changing facilities for cyclists arriving at their destinations.


Brian Curtis

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