HTC Columbia team to ride slippery yet stiff F01 bike

Scott unveils aero road bike at Tour de France

Stiff, light but aerodynamically efficient, too. That’s the promise of the F01 road bike from Scott and joins the TT-specific bike, the Plasma which launches to the public later in the year. There’s no news yet on the public availability of the F01 but it’s probably set for an Autumn 2011 launch.

The Scott F01 was unveiled at a press conference in Rotterdam, earlier today. The bike – tested in the Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Wind Tunnel – was developed with Team HTC-Columbia and aero specialists Drag2Zero services.

Scott claims the bike reduces the overall drag of a rider and bike at 45kph by 20 watts. The frame tubing shape is half-tear drop, but different to other aero shapes on the market. This shape offers a 20 to 30 percent reduction of frame drag compared to a standard tube, claims Scott.

It has the same stiffness as a Scott Addict road bike but with only a 5 percent increase in weight.

The drag of a classic race bike represents 20 percent of the rider’s power output: 60 watts lost for 300 watt output. 20 watts saved on the frame equals a 4-5 percent overall gain on flat, says Scott.

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