Cycling Scotland urges population to dust off dormant cycles

Scots own 850,000 unused bicycles

Over three quarters of a million bicycles are currently languishing unused by Scots, according to statistics from Cycling Scotland.

The organisation is encouraging Scots to remedy the situation and make use of those bikes hidden away in sheds and garages in time for TGB Bike Week, starting this Saturday. Scotland is set to see more than 200 events over the course of this year’s Bike Week.

While there are 850,000 unusued bikes in the nation – thought to be in good condition with only a small proportion requiring minor repairs – around 40 per cent of Scottish households do have bicycles that are in regular use.

Well over a third of Scottish bike owners actively cycle every week and 60 per cent of those households own one or more bikes. Over half (54 per cent) of the Scots surveyed believed that cycling was an ideal way to improve health and lifestyle.

Key influencing factors in encouraging Scots to saddle up were found to be saving money (31 per cent), more family time (25 per cent), environmental benefits (24 per cent) and – patriotically – helping Scotland become a cycling nation (16 per cent).

Employment was also found to be a factor that impacted on cycle usage in Scotland. Over half (55 per cent) of healthcare workers cycled everyday, while public sector staff and professional employees were also found to be keen cyclists, according to Cycling Scotland.

Geographically, the Highlands and Islands topped the regular cycle useage poll. 54 per cent used their bikes regularly, while almost a fifth of Fifers have unusued bikes in good condition.

Cycling Scotland chief exec Ian Aitken said: “With so many unused bikes in Scottish households, there is a real opportunity to mobilise people and get Scotland moving. These new findings show how cycling can play a key part in improving the health of Scots and to achieve the aim of saving money and enjoying more family time.

“Bike Week is an ideal time to put these under-used bikes to good use, with over 200 cycling events taken place all over Scotland for cyclists of all ages and abilities, from newcomers to more experienced cyclists.

“This Bike Week we are calling on all Scots to look again at cycling, and those with an unused bike, get it out of the shed or garage, dust it down and find out how good it feels to cycle as part of their everyday lives.”

There’s more on Cycling Scotland and TGB Bike Week here.

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