SplashMaps launches bespoke fabric map offering

Say goodbye to soggy maps

We’ve had paper maps, virtual maps via GPS computers and smartphones, but now consumers can purchase maps printed on fabric, via SplashMaps.

The company, which was showing its wares at ExCeL’s Outdoor Show in January, specialises in maps that are waterproof, washable and wearable on high performance fabrics. These lightweight offerings don’t run out of battery (à la GPS or smartphones) or get soggy, unlike paper map formats.

The customisable offerings can cover the exact routes or regions that the customer wants. Standard offerings from SplashMaps include six of Britain’s national parks, available in April.

SplashMaps MD David Overton explained: “We’re not just printing existing maps on fabric, but creating totally new, original map products that are so flexible we can adapt them to any needs.

"Because we’re combining data from Ordnance Survey and OpenStreetMap digitally, we can pick and choose the content depending on the map’s end use, so we’re not restricted to the ‘normal’ look of a paper map anymore. For example, our research shows mountain bikers and walkers prefer a scale between the two normally used on paper maps, so our initial UK maps are 1:40000 and our first batch covers the New Forest.”


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