Santiov Studio cargo bike debuts at London Design Festival

Sanitov Studio has introduced a brand new cargo bike to its range called the SCB+ model; the bike debuted exclusively at the London Design Festival.

Founded in 2009 by Danish designer Alexander Host, Sanitov Studios has become a key player in the world of sustainable and innovative products for urbanised environments. Host was inspired to create products to improve the performance and conception of the urban environment.

Six years in the making, its new SCB+ cargo bike combines Scandinavian minimalist design principles and functionality whilst drawing inspiration from a Chinese load-bike predating the Cultural Revolution.

The bike is back-loaded and has a concealed electric motor to assist the rider as they navigate through the city. This design allows for larger quantities of products to be transported on the bike without interfering with the rider’s forward field of vision. The bike also features a GPS tracker, as well as other accessories.

The bike will be available for purchase on April 14th from the brand’s Indiegogo page here.

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