In fact, it's a pedal-powered, two-person submarine. Its inventors plan to hire it to tourists as a submergible pedallo,

Russians invent underwater bicycle

The tandem submarine, called Goluboi Kosmos, hails from St. Petersburg and is said to be "easy to operate by any untrained tourist that wants to see the submarine world," reports the Informnauka science news agency.

The device can dive to a depth of 30 metres and stay submerged for up to four hours.

"No preparatory training is needed to operate this apparatus – the system of controls and equipment on the board are very simple," promises Informnauka.

"Design and ergonomics of the apparatus are similar to the interiors of modern small cars,"

As well as use in tourist destinations – some resorts, such as Eilat in Israel, already have small tourist submarines, although they are piloted and have no pedals – Goluboi Kosmos could used for underwater video surveys, submarine archaeology, and technical inspection of underwater constructions, say its inventors.

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