Benchtop device said to offer a greener solution to parts cleaning

Rozone Parts Cleaner available to dealers

Rozone, a leader in cleaning solutions, has launched the PCS100 Benchtop Parts Cleaner. As the title suggests, this latest bench-top innovation in water-based cleaning offers workshops a greener solution to parts cleaning, without the need for costly service contracts.

Using solvent-free, water-based cleaning fluid heated to just 40 degrees, the Benchtop Parts Cleaner uses microbes to break down oil and grease so that it can then recycle the cleaning fluid. This removes the requirement for a monthly service contract.

Rozone’s Beth Jones said: “Water-based bioremediating technologies, such as those used in our PCS100 Benchtop Parts Cleaner, have improved significantly over the last ten years which has prompted a move away from solvent-based parts cleaning.

"As this technology becomes increasingly common place we have found that there is a need for a smaller Benchtop system for use where floor space is at a premium, and that many of our existing customers want a mobile cleaning solution.”

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