Russell Crowe took to two wheels to prepare for role as legendary hero

Robin Hood trained by bicycle

In training for the latest film version of Robin Hood, released earlier this month, Russell Crowe took to his bicycle to prepare for the title role.

The Hollywood a-lister rode regularly to shed weight and regain fitness to play the Nottinghamshire local legend, including making irregular 37km rides in his native Australia.

Crowe followed up daily exhausting fitness training with ten to 15 minute bike rides every day, according to a celebrity fitness site.

Crowe also challenged his archery trainer – Stephen Ralphs – to a mammoth cycle ride, reportedly leaving Ralphs for dust, according to the Norwich Evening News.

“For a bloke that smokes, he’s as fit as a fiddle,” said Ralph.

Last year cycling-fan Crowe organised a bicycle face-off against a journalist after she called him unfit.

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