Canfield Brothers to distribute models through Europe

Riding High new range preview

Riding High UK’s European frames have begun their journey to the UK – included are models from their completely new ’08 range, Sauce, One, Can Can, Can Diggle and Jedi. All of the frames feature the new ‘One’ suspension.

Chris Canfield at Canfield Brothers, said of the new frames: " We are the Kings of Suspension. I swear to you on my life that this bike doesn’t need a platform shock. Even more – the bike is the only bike in the world to show perfect pedalling in all three of the front chain-rings, in or out of the saddle.
This suspension blows my mind every time I ride it. You will not even know that you have suspension when pedalling. It doesn’t have that much pedal feedback, no bob at all. The braking is neutral and smooth."

"Every time I pedal this suspension I get over excited cause all of my energy goes into the rear wheel to push me forward," added Canfield. "I love it. I know that it seems too good to be true, but it is. Lance and I have spent our adult lives building and studying this suspension and we’ve finally nailed it. We made our whole line of bikes around it, so get ready to have your life changed."

Model Information:
Sauce – 6.13lbs (5-6”) £1299.99 with RP3
One – 7.14lbs (7-8”) £1399.99 with DHX 5.0
Can Can – 8.77lbs (5-6”) Hardcore version of Sauce £1349.99 with DHX 5.0
Can Diggle – 8.95lbs (7-8”) Hardcore version of One £1449.99 with DHX 5.0
Jedi – sub 10lbs (7.75” + 2.5” rearward) £1699.99 with DHX 5.0

RHUK are distributing Canfield Brothers throughout Europe and are taking reservations now.

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