Factory Media magazine's annual road trip edition sees sales double

Ride UK ‘Ride to Glory’ cover-mount boosts sales

Factory Media has announced that it’s cover-mounted Ride to Glory DVD caused a sales spike of more than 100 per cent.

The week-long competition brings together five teams from the nation’s top BMX distributors each year during May, tasking each with a series of challenges, as well as requiring each to publish an edit of their time on the road. DUB BMX’s winning edit is featured below.

According to the publisher, Ride UK reported an increase in it’s website traffic during the week of the trip to over 130,000 visits and subsequently an uplift in the user voting element off the back of the DVD. With regular magazine sales of Ride UK said to be at all time high, with 34,000 copies distributed each month, recent figures have shown that the Ride To Glory newsstand sales were up over 100 per cent in growth over last year’s issue.

James Carter, Factory Media, director said: "Since we have appointed Gunner (Ian Gunner) to the role of editor-in-chief, we have seen consistent growth in our copy sales through his teams strong understanding of both Ride UK’s existing and potential audience. They are all heavily engaged with the scene, riding regularly and seeing for themselves the younger guys getting involved who are helping fuel the growth in the market. We have been pushing projects like this across both on and offline platforms as one of the best ways of powerfully connecting with our young male audience and this demonstrates the great success of the approach and also the growing UK scene."

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