System aims to boost security and organisation for student bike schemes

Ride Campus launched for cycling universities and colleges

Ride Campus has been launched for colleges and university campuses.

The web and mobile campus bicycle management and registration system integrates online administration, registration, bike tags, bicycle parking, fee-management, education, enforcement, journey tracking, security and communication in one platform.

According to the makers of Ride Campus, which was originally developed for the US, increasing numbers of campuses using their own bike share programmes or creating their own bike registration initiatives.

Ride Campus addresses common issues by providing universities with an integrated, online admin solution that delivers revenue to university coffers. Funds generated from bike fees help universities to develop improved bicycle infrastructure while reducing admin and personnel costs. Campus safety departments benefit from more effective policing of bikes and fee-checking while integrated anti-theft technology reduces bike theft and aids recovery by linking with Bike Shepherd, the global bicycle registration service.

"Bicycle theft is a big problem on college campuses," said Ride Campus spokesperson David Bridges. "One out of two college students will be a victim of bike theft while at university.

"Most bikes on campus are unregistered and therefore impossible to trace if stolen. The accepted rule of thumb is an unregistered bicycle has a 1-4 per cent chance of recovery, registered bikes 10-20 per cent and registered and tagged bikes 20-40 per cent."

The platform can also help universities keep in touch with their cycling communities, informing them on changes to bike policy. Using hand-held devices administrators can check for unpaid fees and stolen bikes and communicate to the student immediately.

Ride Campus said students benefit from increased bike security, better bicycle infrastructure and higher rates of stolen bike recovery. In addition, bicycle data helps campus safety departments identify high-crime areas, journey bottlenecks and usage trends.

The bicycle management solutionworks with any existing bike parking furniture and is easily integrated with existing campus bike registration systems. It can also be applied to bike sharing programmes or corporate bike sharing schemes.

Ride Campus is delivered on web and mobile platforms, is accessible to admin and students and can be customised to each campus’ needs.

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