"What's that? Is that new?" That was a comment from (forgiven) Giant downhiller Rob Warner overheard in the press room when he saw a pile of shiny new mags. "Yes," said a Future person, "it's one of ours."

REVISED: ‘What Mountain Bike’ launches

Indeed it is and today at Bike 2000 it was officially launched. And jolly good it looks too. Packed – and I mean packed – with tons of test reports and Derek Purdy written route cards, the magazine is a 258-page door stopper.

Bit expensive at £3.75?

"I think it1s excellent value," consultant editor Steve Worland told BikeBiz. "There’s so much in there. I think people are used to paying that kind of price for mags now."

The mag has a how-to on mending a puncture yet goes right the way through to a juicy 4-page feature on the thinking behind the Whyte brand from ATB Sales as well as a listing of what WMTB considers to be the best 100 MTBs currently on the market.

It’s also packed to the rafters with ads. Getting Steve Worland to edit a mag was obviously a good move.

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