Far from being dead, as is being scurrilously put about by a rival publisher, IPCs MBR is increasing its circulation

REVISED: MBR increases its ABC

The latest ABC audited circulation figures for MBR show a 2.5 percent increase to 40 200. However, an ad manager on a rival magazine is currently telling people that IPC is about to scrap MBR.

That would be news to me, said Fiona Warren, ads manager on MBR. Total rubbish. Were getting stronger, not weaker.

This was confirmed by publisher Keith Foster.

"The magazine’s never been stronger. It’s very healthy."

One possible source for the rumour is the recent departure of editor Kenny Pryde, who left to edit one of IPCs motorbike titles. Deputy editor John Kitchener took his place.

In the recent February ABCs, MBUKs circulation suffered a 6 percent drop, but its still the UKs best selling bike magazine with, on average, 57 663 audited sales per month.

ABC Figures (Jan-Dec 2000)

Cycling Plus (Future) 18 618

Cycle Sport (IPC) 20 667

Cycling Weekly (IPC) 30 657 (per week)

British Cycling (BCF) 15 729

MBR (IPC) 40 200

MBUK 57 663

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