Chris Turner says he has bought MMB. He came out of a bankers/financiers meeting on 7th January and said it was a done deal. Hes says he's also taken an option on Cabals ProCycling although Cabal deny this (Cabal also say it's not yet a done deal)

REVISED: Maximum Mountain Bike sold to co-founder of MBUK but Cabal say this news is premature

Ever the newshounds, we rang Chris Turner on his mobile on the 7th January to see if there were any stories brewing.

I wouldnt have rang you to tell you this but saying youve rung, yes, Ive just bought Maximum Mountain Bike, said Turner.

All the staff including Guy Kesteven are staying with the magazine as it moves to Canterbury from its existing London base, says Turner.

Cabal Communications were reported to be interested in selling their niche titles in order to concentarate on publications with 150 000+ circulations. However, the company itself is reportedly on the market. Asking price? £20m.

Cabal are still in charge of the MMB magazine on the presses right now, with Turner taking over from the March issue, says Turner.

A number of freelances have not been paid by Cabal for some considerable time (see our story on this from ten days ago) but Turner says all freelances will be paid before completion of the sale.

I didnt want to see such a brilliant magazine go down the tubes, Turner gave as his reason for saying he’d bought the title.


This story has been picked by the UK Press Gazette and other journo trade titles and Cabal is fighting a losing battle to keep it out of these titles. Remember, you read it first on!!

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