If you haven't got access to Eurosport and think you'll be missing something if you can't hear the race commentaries of Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen, fret not...

REVISED: Liggett withdrawal symptoms getting you down?

…because you can hear the duo live on the Outdoor Life Network’s audio coverage of the Tour de France. (It helps if you have a fast internet connection).

It’s available via the official Tour de France website, follow the OLN link.

The Outdoor Life Network is a Canadian cable TV channel which also reaches – patchily – into the US.

The station is broadcasting live from the Tour, and this is said by OLN to be "for the first time in U.S. television history!"

ABC and EPSN have highlight programmes but no live coverage.

The Outdoor Life Network’s Liggett and Sherwen coverage enables net surfers to get the sound, but there is no live video streaming.

However, dedicated Liggett fans can listen to the audio commentary live and then hook up with Eurosport.com later in the evening for a few minutes of Duffield-free race highlights.

Race highlights also appear on the OLN part of letour.com, and come complete with Liggett/Sherwen commentaries. Squint and you could fool yourself into thinking Channel 4 had come to their senses….




Britney Spears eat yer heart out. Phil Liggett also has fan websites. The pic above was lifted from Scott Allen’s hagiographical site devoted to the president of the CTC. http://members.tripod.com/…/phil.htm


Check out the Liggett biography on the Tour website for the reference to Queen Elizebeth the Eleventh!

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