Collection results in sales upsurge, firm says

Red or Dead launch sparks 15% sales rise for Raleigh

Raleigh’s collaboration with Red or Dead to create a fashionable bike range for young women has been a sales success, the brand reports.

Raleigh said it has seen a sales rise of 15 per cent on ranges designed for females.

The three bike collection, featuring Red or Dead prints, have been joined by a range of similarly adorned helmets.

“For the recreational cyclist, sales are showing a massive increase in popularity, especially in the newly introduced Red or Dead range,” said Raleigh’s Phil Rickaby. “As sales surge during the summer months, the market is buoyant with sales increasing by some 15 per cent over last year on ranges designed for the female buyer.”

The range is currently retailed exclusively by Evans Cycles.

For more on the range, read our launch report.

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