Well, not quite. But pledges for the Plume mudguard are arriving thick and fast. Funding is likely to be a cert by tonight.

Recoiling mudguard springs past Kickstarter target

Two Americans resident in London have a Kickstarter success on their hands. The Plume recoiling mudguard is to be made in Britain and has nearly reached its Kickstarter total, with almost a full month still to go.

Dan McMahon and Patrick Laing have received $17,914 in pledges from 462 backers and need just a few more pledges to get them over their guaranteed funding threshold of $18,000.

They describe their product as a "sleek mudguard [that] recoils back into a tight circle under your seat with the gentle press of a finger, even if you’re in motion."

Plume is made from stainless steel and a flexible polymer.

"Plume is made from material combinations and unique components which haven’t been executed in many other products before," said McMahon.

"We have spent a lot of time finding manufacturers willing to take on a job which is somewhat risky when compared to every-day run of the mill type work. Plume may look simple, but there is a lot going on under the hood. We are working very closely with manufacturers and material suppliers based in the United Kingdom."

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