PunctureGuard soon to be on sale via Extra

Rapid Racer Products introduces tubeless sealant

Rapid Racer Products has added a tubeless tyre sealant to its range, dubbed PunctureGuard.

Having been tested alongside the Trek World Racing Team, the product has now gone into production and will be available shortly via Extra UK.

This is what the Trek Team had to say of PunctureGuard: “Our mechanics and riders love the PuntureGuard, the sealant is way better than other well-known brands we have been using. In summary; it’s easier to handle and apply, we have had less punctures, it’s easier to pump up the tyre, creates less mess, and it never dries out. We really like working with the PunctureGuard sealant.”

Retail price has been set at £14.99 and a 250ml bottle seals four tyres.

The solution is said to not dry out over time, like some latex-based mixes, thanks to a ‘micro-fibre’ technology.

Both a downhill and cross-country formula are available, the main difference being that the downhill formula has larger micro-fibres to seal what are often larger snake bite punctures.

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