Raleigh unveils Motus range

Raleigh has unveiled a brand new collection of its leisure e-bike, the Motus.

The range was crafted by Raleigh to offer versatility for cyclists in a broad age group and abilities sets.

Models include the Raleigh Motus, Raleigh Motus Tour and Raleigh Motus Grand Tour, all available in multiple new colourways, inspired by the motor industry.

Each e-bike in the collection uses a Bosch motor; the Motus and Motus Tour e-bikes use the Bosch Active Line motor whilst the Motus Grand Tour uses the Bosch Active Line Plus motor.

The Motus also uses a Bosch PowerPack 300, which offers long-lasting energy storage. The Motus Tour and Grand Tour ranges use the PowerPack 400. The batteries offer a minimum range of 50km.

The launch is also coupled with the release of a brand new website, specifically designed for use in shops. Cyclists will be encouraged to head to a new area of the Raleigh website, within which all shops stocking the Motus range will appear in a responsive map for simple and hassle-free test rides.

Raleigh product manager Terry Blackwood said: “We’ve taken our previous ranges of electric bikes and combined all of the best technology and the specific features needed to create a new electric bike that everyone can love.

“All three bikes are incredibly useable which means cyclists can really make the most of their e-bike. Whether it’s a leisurely weekend ride or a city commute, the Motus range will perform beyond expectation on every ride,” he concluded. 

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