Following the departure of Dare2b, Raleigh reveals an updated strategy for clothing

Raleigh to drive clothing business with Lusso, XLC and MOA

Raleigh has announced a ‘new clothing strategy’ for 2014, with the company’s ties with UK brand Lusso, as well as house brand XLC set to be key to expansion in soft goods.

After taking on distribution of the Lusso brand in early 2013 and enjoying a highly successful summer sales campaign, Raleigh has expanded its line up of Lusso’s excellent quality, British-made performance clothing, which is designed specifically for the British weather and the British bike rider.

Raleigh Operations Director Jane Tomkinson said: “Feedback we received in 2013 has steered us towards expanding our range of Lusso clothing as it’s a well-known, high-quality brand that consumers trust.

"The quality of the British-made clothing is highly competitive against other brands and the price offers almost unrivalled value, which we feel gives the brand a unique selling point.”

Also having joined in 2013 as part of the Accell Group takeover, XLC will be ‘introducing more lines’ early next year. As well as producing a comprehensive range of components and accessories, XLC’s core essentials clothing range is intended for every day use for novice and professional cyclists alike.

Raleigh will now distribute the majority of the European XLC range, including road shoes and MTB shoes.

Finally, as showcased by Team Raleigh, MOA cycle kit is designed for the performance bike rider and will remain Raleigh’s bespoke clothing option, with custom team or club kits available.

Custom kit comes inclusive of kit design and offers high performance fabrics and technical design to suit performance and enthusiastic riders.

Cycle dealers stocking Raleigh road bikes are eligible for price support on team kit. Dealers are encouraged to speak to their Raleigh sales representatives for further detail.

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