Bike shops urged to download the new logos from Raleigh's B2B site

Raleigh rolls out rebrand

Raleigh has refreshed its logo and created a new Bike Parts logo to distinguish Raleigh’s bicycle brand from its distribution arm, chiefly to be used in trade or accessories distribution environments.

So it’s out with the old:

And in with the new:

And here’s that new Bike Parts logo:

Raleigh marketing director Geoff Giddings explained the thinking behind the new cleaner look logo:

"We felt there was a disconnect between our current bike range and how we presented ourselves. We are moving forwards with the best bikes we have ever produced and we wanted to focus our efforts firmly on the future.

"We wanted to change the conversation, whilst still allowing Raleigh to retain it’s status as a prestigious, desirable and quality bicycle brand to own, a reputation that’s been crafted over many decades. The simplified colour scheme is now more versatile and the red elements echo the top of the range bikes used in Raleigh’s performance, endurance and cyclocross categories."

"In terms of knowing what to change and what should stay, that can often be controversial with older brands, especially those that have well loved icons.

"It’s a question of identifying those elements your consumers resonate with," said Giddings, "and those that aren’t working, and adjusting them to suit your brand direction."

The Heron’s head that adorns millions of Raleighs has been modernised for print but its traditional form will remain true to its roots on the head tubes of Raleigh’s 2015 bicycle range.

"We are confident that, together with our wider marketing efforts, this change will align people’s perceptions about Raleigh as a quality and prestigious brand, from pre school bikes right up to pro Peleton race winners."

The new identity will be rolled out online channels first, followed by in-store graphics and point of sale items in the coming months. Bike shops are urged to download the new logos from Raleigh’s B2B site.

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