Heres two press releases from Raleigh. One concerns Raleigh replacing its Special Products range (RSP) with a high end line of Diamondback product, the other is from the pen of Team Raleigh manager Gary Coltman as he outlines the future strategy of the Derby UK MTB Race team activity from January 2001.

Raleigh isnt Special any more


Team Raleigh which today contains Barrie Clarke, Matt Farmer, Ian Cooper and Elliot Baxter is to end at the end of this year (2000). From January 2001, Team Diamondback will form the basis of Derby’s future UK MTB team activity.

Born in 1989, Team Raleigh has competed at every level of off-road racing, and indeed succeeded in winning a hat full of National Titles along with World Championship and World Cup medals. So it is the end of an era, but the past shall not be forgotten. Raleigh shall continue to make great bikes and satisfy the needs of the non-enthusiast, and as the non-enthused turn into devoted participants, the Derby Group has the perfect brand for them to aspire to in Diamondback.

Born in the early eighty’s out of West Coast USA, the brand has always had a distinct pedigree of racing dirt. Since it’s first victorious days of BMX in

the US, Diamondback has progressed into a truly global race brand. Just last year (1999) the Derby group acquired the Diamondback brand specifically to meet the needs of those consumers wishing to purchase superb ‘sexy’ bikes at the extreme high end of the sport.

Team Manager Gary Coltman is certainly looking forward to handling the brand on the race scene -"Nick Craig has flown the Diamondback flag by himself in the UK for some time now, and has done a great job. I am now looking forward to building on what Nick has achieved. The brand has definite ‘sex’ appeal at the events and among enthusiasts so this is an exciting proposition for me both as team manager and representative of the brand". Having viewed the 2001 range, Coltman is clearly in approval "the product range totally supports the brand in what it aims to achieve. I know the riders are already excited about trying out the new models, especially the XR8 – the new lightweight full suspension cross country model .and so am I!"

Further news on the team line up and plans for 2001 shall be released later in the year, with a full team launch planned for January.



Raleigh have announced their product strategy for 2001, and it makes

exciting reading.

The Diamondback brand, acquired by Raleigh in July 1999, is to be

positioned as the high end performance brand, to include a broad range of

cycles to cover most sport and competitive requirements – BMX, MTB –

Hardtail (Jump and Cross-country), Full Suspension (Trail – lightweight and

long travel, and Cross-country), Cross and Road bikes.

The first new range to be launched this Autumn under the Diamondback brand is the completely re-designed BMX range, including Race, Jump and Freestyle versions, to suit all riders. A brand new catalogue is now available to support this launch, and a consumer advertising campaign will follow.

Then in October and November, Leisure MTB and the top of the range DBR Series of MTB’s and Road bikes, will be available.

Prices will range from £139 to over £499 for the BMX bikes, and £259 to £2999 for MTB’s. The DBR Road bikes are priced from £699 to £1899.

The Diamondback brand will supported with press advertising and promotional support, including the sponsorship of competitive riders, such as Nick Craig – recently selected to ride for the Olympic team in Sydney this year! The new catalogue for these bikes will be available before the end of August.

The Raleigh brand will be positioned to complement the Diamondback range, at the high end of the general recreational market sector, with a price range from £150 to £700 for adult bikes.

These bikes will also include state of the art technology as required,

offering the more recreational rider the advantages of full suspension,

adjustable seats and handlebars, and great designs at affordable prices.

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