Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a Superbrand; Raleigh gets admitted to the influential list of household names

Raleigh is a ‘Superbrand’

Raleigh has further cemented it’s household name status with an apperance on the country’s ‘superbrands’ list, published recently.

Independently co-ordinated by The Centre for Brand Analysis, the annual Superbrands survey considers thousands of brands that are judged by a panel of experts and over 1,900 business professionals from the UK. The brands are assessed on three key criteria: quality, reliability, and distinction, and the top 500 are published in a Guardian newspaper supplement.

According to the list, Raleigh – 125 years after it was created – is still the best known bike brand in the business, a fact underlined by the absence of any other bike firms in the Superbrands list.

Raleigh UK marketing manager Geoff Giddings said: "Our name is ubiquitous with cycling. Generations of people around the world are able to say ‘my first bike was a Raleigh’. The trick is to ensure we remain relevant to people’s lives as long as they are riding bikes.

"Our product range spans all ages and abilities, from bikes for toddlers to bikes for professional athletes; we offer products that fit the needs of all types of cyclists. Combining this with our mantra of producing quality reliable, distinctive products, gives us a unique selling point that thousands of worldwide consumers demand every year.

"As we move forwards we continue to innovate and adapt. Recently, this has included the development of cyclo-cross bikes, classic road bikes, and electric bikes. Re-establishing a professional cycling team, Team Raleigh, signalled our intent to take the brand back to the pinnacle of professional racing. Meanwhile, we still offer great value for money in strong markets like the children’s bike and entry level bike market.

"The challenge over the next few years is to leverage our strong brand presence and ensure generations of new cyclists understand our brand values and value our products."

The full results are available at

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