Nottingham-based firm reveals the new Dover Deluxe Premium e-bike

Raleigh dips into high-end electrics

Raleigh has declared its interest in the electric bike market, announcing that it is to bring in a model called the Dover Deluxe Premium. This will be the first model to be launched in the Raleigh e-bike range, which could potentially expand further.

The Dover Deluxe Premium is powered by a Panasonic 26v 10Ah Lithium battery, through the 250w brushless crank mounted Panasonic motor unit. Retail price has been set at £1,799 and the model will be available in both a 45cm/17.5-inch low step frame, and a 53cm/21-inch crossbar frame.

The Panasonic system, as fitted to the bike, is renowned for durability and performance; it drives through the bike’s own gears instead of the conventional hub motors found on many others. The battery weighs in at 2.4kgs, with a standard recharge time of five hours for a full charge. As it is lithium it can be top- up charged as required. The bike has three pre-set modes of assistance, high power (25-mile range) medium power (35-mile range) and economy (50-mile range). It is a pure pedal-assist only system, using Panasonic’s patented non-contact torque sensor.

Raleigh has taken on an e-bike specialist in Lloyd Clarkson, who will set up the dealer network of Raleigh authorised e-bike centres and whose staff will be trained specifically on the e-bike range.

For authorised stockists there will also be an in-store unit, and a comprehensive marketing plan to educate consumers and drive them toward stockists.

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