Cyclelife, the retail partnership established by Raleigh in 2005, has become a member of the British Franchise Association

Raleigh becomes BFA member

Cyclelife is a franchise partnership and now has 89 members, including stores owned by Raleigh.

Cyclelife aims to enable dealers to retail and market themselves as part of a national network. In addition to converting established dealers, Cyclelife has attracted new entrants to cycle retailing.

Raleigh MD Mark Gouldthorp said: "The Cyclelife initiative gives us a great opportunity to develop independent cycling retailers across the UK, which offer our customers the complete cycling experience.

"Everywhere you look on the high street, national retailers are encroaching on traditional independent activities. Franchise and buying group initiatives are becoming a commonplace resort for independents to turn to. On the continent, cycle dealers have already migrated to form extensive and successful buying groups. That the UK follows this path is a natural evolution.”

Cyclelife dealers get preferential trading terms from Raleigh, stock finance, store development consultancy and finance, and operational and finance support for marketing activity.

Andrew Quail, Head of Business Services at the BFA, said: “I cannot recall ever having the pleasure of welcoming to the BFA a company with such a long and distinguished tradition in business as Raleigh. By joining the British Franchise Association, Raleigh is demonstrating commitment to the highest business ideals in franchising."

Raleigh’s aim is to develop a network of 200+ Cyclelife dealers.

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