Canadian bomb-proof component manufacturer RaceFace once again this year awarded a prestigious Canadian newspaper prize for their business excellence - is offering what sounds like a huge prize to a lucky rider but is in fact chickenfeed compared to the amount of coverage the trick will get

RaceFace offer $10 000 prize to build traffic to their website

The info below has already appeared on numerous websites worldwide, including our very own, and looks to be a sound investment of not a lot of cash really (mind you, when you consider most firms consider giving their riders free kit is a good deal and that the winner of this weekend’s four-up racing at the NEC only got £250, it’s a pretty big purse).

From RaceFace, Canada:

What would YOU do for $10,000? Drop a 20 footer into a chute? Ride a skinny log 30 feet in the air? Launch a huge gap jump? Or maybe all of the above. We’re putting up the cash – it’s up to you to earn it.

Race Face Performance Products is pleased to present the first ever ‘Ultimate Freeride Challenge’. They say everyone’s entitled to fifteen minutes of fame. We’re prepared to give one skilled rider that and more. $10,000 more, to be exact. Winning the contest means securing a sponsorship contract with Race Face, all the free swag you could ever want and $10,000 in cold hard American cash! That ain’t no typo either – we’re talking about

a briefcase full of bills, a stack of dead presidents, a cool 10 Grand.

The contest, which runs from Apr. 15th to Aug. 15th, 2001, calls for riders to submit a 60 second riding video of themselves, doing whatever they feel best represents the new school of freeriding. We’ll pick the top 16 entries and post them online in head to head battles with our online community picking the winners. The winners will advance until we are left

with two finalists. While the online voting continues, the two lucky

finalists will be flown down to Las Vegas, Nevada. On October 3rd, the votes

will be tallied and amidst a flurry of media attention, we’ll crown the first ever ULTIMATE FREERIDE CHAMPION!!

"The point of this contest is to discover the next big name in professional free riding", said Chris Gagan, Race Face’s marketing manager.

"And, we’re leaving the contest open to interpretation by the individual. If they think a video of huge air will be the way to win, they can send thatin. If it’s a sick drop or a first descent of an untracked chute, that could win too. The beauty of this contest is that we’re letting the people decide."

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