If youre interested in securing bulk copies of Bike Culture 20, Bycycle 12 and Encycleopedia 2001, contact Open Roads liquidator

Psst! Wanna buy some mags?

At Fridays Open Road creditors meeting the company was formally wound up but the liquidator was concerned to find a home for the thousands of magazines and books that Open Road still had in stock before it went under.

The liquidator, Mr Rob Sadler of Smith and Williamson, said that

he’d be very interested to hear from anyone who might have an

interest in purchasing ‘economically feasible’ quantities of

magazines from this stock.

20 tonnes of mags are currently sitting in Open Roads mailing house.

Smith & Williamson

92 Micklegate



Tel: 01904 640600

Fax: 01904 640700

email rs5@smith.williamson.co.uk


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