VIDEO: Brand brings light-emitting tech to a clothing range, where the 'Triviz' can be slipped in and out of the garment as required

Proviz to brighten up the night with new apparel line-up

High visibility cycling accessory company Proviz has launched the ‘Nightrider’ collection for riders on dark nights.

Proviz’s Nightrider products are a break from the norm – they are all designed to be worn with the Triviz, a battery powered light-emitting warning triangle which can be easily removed from the products and is interchangeable across the range.

This unusual system means cyclists can choose which item of clothing or accessory they wish be to have illuminated. For example, if one day a cyclist has luggage and wants to wear a rucksack then the Triviz can be attached to the Proviz rucksack, whereas if the next day he or she wishes to just go for a ride wearing a Proviz jacket, then the Triviz can be reattached to this instead. 

The Triviz makes use of the same electroluminescent technology used in the rest of Proviz’s range, providing a flashing or constant blue light source for visibility on the road. The Triviz retails separately at £34.99 and is attached and removed from the Proviz products with extra strength velcro. It is recharged using a mini-USB and comes with a USB lead.

The Triviz-compatible Proviz range (available from Moore Large) includes cycling jackets in fluorescent yellow, pink and black (£59.99), large fluorescent yellow and black rucksacks (£39.99) and smaller versions (£29.99), fluorescent yellow messenger bags (£44.99), fluorescent yellow rucksack covers (£23.49), and orange vests (£23.49). When the Triviz is not in use on the product, a silver reflective triangle is attached to the product instead.

“We are excited about the benefits that the new Nightrider range will bring to cyclists this autumn and winter," said Proviz MD Rupert Langly-Smith. "As the dark mornings and early evenings are upon us, now is the critical time for cyclists to ensure that they stand out on the roads. The distinguishable fluorescent colours of Proviz’s products, combined with the illuminated Triviz, will make you highly visible in all circumstances. Moore Large have been fantastic is getting our name out there in UK and Ireland since we launched in 2009 and hopefully these new products will continue the expansion.”

Proviz was set up three years ago by brothers Anthony and Rupert Langly-Smith. Both keen cycle commuters, they decided to provide a solution for the many people who adapt their current cycle accessories, by such means as attaching camping head lamps or reflective tape to their helmet, in an attempt to become more visible. As a result, Proviz’s distinctive range of fluorescent yellow helmets, jackets, rucksacks and rucksack covers with bright, flashing, electroluminescent strips built in was launched. The company has seen huge growth over the last two years, this year securing distribution in the US.

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