It might be fresher out there today but the next mini-heatwave could be just around the corner. Don't let the local pharmacy get all the skin protection business, stock sport-specific sun-screen. Prosport from 2XS of Chichester is a favourite of Ironman competitors: it lasts eight hours, won't sweat off and doesn't attract grit.

Protect your customers from the next heatwave

Prosport sunscreen of the US goes on like a moisturiser and dries in minutes. It is non-greasy, sweatproof and waterproof and comes in 6oz/180ml tubes in SPF15, 35 and 44. There’s also a lipsalve and a sunscreen jar for use on nose and lips.

2XS, the surf shop and one-time IBD, sells Prosport from its online shop but the product is also available to IBDs at up to 50 per cent margin.

"Put it by the till and watch it sell," said Jane Bassett, co-owner of 2XS.

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