No more slipping on saddles or handlebars, promise Prologo unveiling sticky tech at Eurobike.

Prologo creates Spiderman-sticky saddles and mitts

Prologo, the premium saddle brand from Velo of Taiwan, has secured an open-ended exclusivity deal on a ‘sticky’ technology developed by the US military. The company is using panels of the material on saddles and mitts. CPC stands for Connect Power Control and is Prologo’s name for a patent-protected elastic polymer formed into tiny volcano-shaped filaments. The minuscule craters on the filaments create a suction effect.

CPC is Spiderman-tech originally developed for commandos dropping down ropes from helicopters and is tough and non-absorbsent.

“95 percent of its stickiness remains even when wet, making CPC perfect for use on saddles and mitts,” said Prologo’s new general manager, Morgan Nicol. Latterly the business manager at Zipp, Italy-based Nicol was the founder of aero specialist Oval Concepts and was a partner in Ritchey International in the 1990s. He has been with Prologo for just over a week.

Prologo has the exclusive license to use CPC for the cycle market. The material is already in use in Formula One and in motocross.

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