BikeBiz speaks with the brand's MD on 29ers, Dalby's development into a focal point for MTBing and keeping Pace a family business

Profile: Pace Cycles

BikeBiz speaks with Pace Cycles MD Adrian Carter…

Are you offering any 29ers?
We currently have a high-end steel hardtail 29er and in anticipation of longer suspension travel versions of 29ers being in demand have an enduro full sus’ model being sampled.

Can you see the trend lasting?
Those who have them love them – those who don’t have them usually have a range of preconceptions which need addressing before they’ll step up to the plate. So I think it’s a case of dealers and the press continuing to champion the design for it to prevail.
Then of course there is the 27.5-inch trend that’s developing which probably is more of a threat. We’ve a 27.5 design worked up for evaluation which should prove an interesting comparison.

How far has Dalby progressed as a focal point for mountain biking?
Dalby’s attracting 400 to 500 thousand visitors a year and hopefully growing, and we at Pace are doing our part to support that trend both by expanding our product and services through our Dalby Service Centre, Dalby Bike Barn and Trailside businesses, partnering with CTC and bundling our offer with other local businesses such as Go Ape. Hopefully this should also benefit the visitor and provide greater opportunities for growth.

Our business model is to take the business to the customer rather than the other way around and our Demo Centre is a good example of that – dealers send their customers to Dalby to test a Pace bike and of course customers are generally very happy to demo a bike in such a great environment as Dalby. We refer the sale back to the dealer, customer’s happy and Pace strengthen the dealer/ customer/brand relationship. It’s a win-win situation. As a small family business it’s a more personal service and very different from major brands.

As CTC’s Centre of Excellence we see Dalby has great potential to attract more road riders and those new to cycling, rather than solely preaching to the converted MTBer. If we can make a visitor’s experience thrilling and fun without being intimidating or too challenging then hopefully they’ll go away hooked, visit their local dealer and become a convert.

How’s business in general?
Our 29ers certainly been successful for us, but in common with many brands have seen complete bike sales a challenge. Generally however, business is very good and it’s nice to see growth (mostly through diversification) and new products coming forward.

What’s coming up for Pace in 2013?
We’re expecting to make an important announcement about a very interesting new project we’ve been working on for the past year or so soon, and now Pace is very much a family business with both our daughters Aimee and Sophie (pictured) in the office, we hope to see new activities, products and events being offered. Also with a full time CTC Cycling Development Officer on site that should bring expansion.

Will you be at any of the shows?
None planned until we have our new models in place, then we’ll be back on the expo’ circuit again!

How can the trade get in touch?
Through our office 01751 460599, website or Facebook. We’re always happy to hear from new customers and can have a product to a new dealer within 24hrs.

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