BikeBiz takes a closer look at the custom labelling maintenance and massage brand and its pro cycling background

PROFILE: Morgan Blue

Morgan Blue’s ranges of oils, lubes and greases have been in stock with distributor Windwave since October last year. As well as those maintenance lines, Windwave also distributes Morgan Blue’s massage items, providing maintenance for the rider as well as the bike, if you will.

Morgan Blue is perhaps best known for being a brand used by a large number of pro tour teams. The history of the company is closely intertwined with pro racing. Nick Vandecauter, former mechanic at the Lotto team, asked ‘Morgan Oils’ to produce oil for the team bikes in 1994. The firm developed several types of oils and started sponsoring the Belgian Lotto and French Casino team.

Soon after Morgan Oils developed a chain cleaner which, when certain additives had been, er, added, the degreaser turned blue, leading to the Morgan Blue nickname. Over the years the range of maintenance products grew and in 2005 was joined by the massage products. By 2012, Morgan Blue had 38 maintenance and 16 massage products in its ample product portfolio. This year the company has moved to Jabbeke (from Kruishoutem) to double capacity.

Sponsorship of pro teams has grown alongside the range – more than 80 per cent of the chains and 40 per cent of the legs in the World Tour peloton circle are Morgan Blue oiled.

According to Dries Mahieu, Morgan Blue’s assistant manager for Commercial and Publicity, there are some stand out key items that no shop should be without. In the maintenance range the Rolls Pro and Race Oil are the brand’s ‘best oils’ while the Chain Cleaner is the best selling product overall. On the massage side, Competition 1 and 2, and Chamois Cream, are other indispensible items. And of course the range extends well beyond that too.

Morgan Blue isn’t just about off-the-shelf product, with a custom labelling programme on offer. Mahieu explains: “In bike shops you will rarely find our products in our famous light blue colour. Mostly we work with personalised labels. Starting from a company logo and contact details, we provide a personalised label in the style of the customer.

“We try to make sure every order is delivered within two weeks,” Mahieu adds. “As we work with custom labels, we have to start the process from the moment we receive the order, so we don’t have any labelled stock."

Morgan Blue is available via Windwave
Tel: 02392 521912

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