Well, sort of. It's his new eco campaign - Start - which has done the plugging of the levy-funded satnav app for new cyclists.

Prince Charles plugs industry-owned app

The August email newsletter of Prince Charles’ sustainable living Start campaign has given a shout-out to the industry-owned Bike Hub smartphone app.

The plug gives a link to the iPhone cycling satnav app and mentions the fact the app is free because it’s paid for by the Bike Hub levy. The Bicycle Association and the Association of Cycle Traders also get mentioned.

The Bike Hub app has been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of users, many of them citing it as inspiration to them cycling again. The app routes cyclists on to bike paths, and away from busy roads.

The three most recent reviews on iTunes give the app five stars. 

Earlier reviewers have also applauded the app. Andy Murray wrote: "Stunned by how good this is! I didn’t believe a free app would work do well. This app got me through Kingston via the back roads and cycle paths. I did an awesome 10 miles without having to deal with fast traffic. I used to deliver pizza around Kingston and thought I know the road well, but this app showed me routes cars can’t do, but bikes can."

MuckerIT wrote:

"This is very good app. I have used it to try new occasional commuting routes from St. Albans to Central London. It gave me a completely different route from the one I had planned. Safer, more enjoyable and 30 minutes quicker than my current route."

The Bike Hub app also locates nearest bike shops. There’s also an Android version of the app, which was updated earlier today to download maps quicker. For cyclists without smartphones the Bike Hub website has an online journey planner.

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