The Times' #cyclesafe campaign has received backing from "keen cyclist" David Cameron, a one-time cycle commuter.

Prime Minister backs #cyclesafe campaign created by The Times

The cycling safety campaign created by The Times already has cross-party support but it also now has the backing of the Prime Minister, David Cameron.

He said: “As a keen cyclist, I congratulate The Times for drawing attention to this issue. We want to encourage cycling as a cheaper, greener, more healthy way of getting from place to place, and making people feel safe cycling on the roads is crucial to that.”

Maria Eagle, the shadow transport secretary, has told The Times said Labour might support calls for more money for cycle-specific infrastructure:

“Even though there have been big cuts to the Highways Agency budget, there is no reason why some…money ought not to be focused on building safe access and routes.”

Mike Penning, the Minister for Road Safety, said he was wary of calls to switch money away from the HIghways Agency:

“We are already giving £1.8 billion to local councils over four years for transport improvements, including measures for cyclists, as well as providing £560 million to support local authorities specifically to use sustainable transport to create growth and cut carbon.” 

Penning is also the Minister for Roads, but he has refused to budge on his claim that motorists pay for roads, even though roads are paid for by general and local taxation and are not paid for directly by motorists. 

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