Manufacturer aims to ramp up presence

Prestaflator seeks UK distributor

US firm Prestaflator is looking to build its distribution network to bring its product to British shores.

According to Prestaflator, its Presta Valve Air Compressor Bicycle Inflator is an ideal accessory for cyclists and shops. Designed for MTB and road tyres, the device features a variable-rate trigger valve which uses ‘small squirts’ to reach the required air pressure, while a full squeeze provides maximum pressure for seating tubeless tyres. The product inflates tyres in seconds and its full set of specifications can be found here.

The firm has been rapidly building its dealer and distributor network in the US, though currently the firm retails directly to UK consumers – something Prestaflator told BikeBiz it is looking to change.

Prestaflator president David Finlayson said: “We would love to get into distribution in the UK. We fully support distributor level pricing so they can make standard margins over dealer margin. We would also be happy to offer exclusive distributorship.

“I’ve got four of the biggest distributors in the US who say Prestaflator is their big new product for 2009,” Finlayson added.

For more on the device, head to the site here or email the firm here:

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